Oracle of Sassafras

Agate Apricot

 agate apricot

Promotes love between parent & child, helps healing the emotional disease that prevents the acceptance of love.


Apricot Banded Agate is like a hug from and old friend or the sun kissing your face in the morning! It’s familiar, safe and heart warming. Banded Agate brings you the confidence and peace of mind that comes from being comfortable with yourself. It helps you to feel connected with everything around you and to feel grounded in who you are. Holding these stones brings instant calm, and in this state your perception of the world around you is heightened. With a sense of well being, understanding and acceptance you can settle into who you really are, without pretense. The gift of these stones is self-acceptance and the knowing that you are already all you seek.


Chakras: Heart
Astrological sign: Leo, Virgo

$ 2.50