Oracle of Sassafras



 Attracts new love & abundance & helps to prepare for new phases in life. Brings restful sleep. Excellent for meditation.


  • a heart-healing stone that can help work through emotional imbalance.  Helps maintain a youthful spirit and energy.  Attracts prosperity and love.   An excellent stone to help heal depression.
  • Chrysoprase is very useful in balancing yin/yang energies and aligning your Chakras with the ethereal plane. It activates and opens your Heart Chakra, instilling a state of grace and facilitating a deep meditative state. It helps heal broken hearts, eases depression, reduces superiority and inferiority complexes, and strengthens will and life force. It brings harmony and balance, light-heartedness and joy. Chrysoprase helps make conscious what was unconscious, encourages hope, improves your eyesight and assists in clarifying problems. A cure for restlessness, it makes its wearer quick-witted, imparting adaptability and presence of mind.

    Chakras: Heart
    Astrological sign: Libra



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