Oracle of Sassafras

Australian Rhyolite Skull.

Hand carved from a solid block of Australian Rhyolite.

This Magnificent piece symbolises the end and the new beginning. The skull symbolises death, but the energy of the stone suggests the journey beyond life .

Rhyolite helps you to perceive the subtle energy levels within your body. It allows you to get out of your mind and experience the joy of just being in your body. It helps to strengthen your body and mind and helps you to learn how to enjoy your vast potential! An excellent stone for meditation, Rhyolite can instil a systematic methodology to aimless deep thinkers. It assists with astuteness in all activities, allowing for selfless action and bringing unresolved issues to completion or closure. It also assists you in processing things from your past, clearing the way for the future, encouraging present moment awareness. It sparks creativity within your soul, and helps give you a kick in the pants to get into action if you dream of travelling.


15cm High/14cm wide/23cm from back to front

Price: $ 1750.00

$ 1,750.00