Oracle of Sassafras


Black Onyx Scarab.

The Scarab: Symbolises the discovery of our true nature. (The young scarabs emerge from a ball of dung. Then, all of a sudden, some of them discover they have wings, and fly away towards their true nature...)

1 superb large Black onyx and 8 smaller gemstones mounted on pure Silver, the precious metal that symbolises the moon’s energy which facilitates the journey to the inner world.

Black Onyx is a strength-giving stone, good for athletes or people under extreme mental and emotional stress. It brings balance to mind or body as well as strength of mind. Onyx is a wonderful stone for those who are flighty by nature, as it will help ground and focus your attention. Surrounded by Peridot to bring happiness and add light and brightness into your life; Citrine, to promote abundance; Iolite to calm your mind and support your communication and Garnet, to strengthen your self-confidence and help support your commitment level by working on your 1st chakra.

This Piece was designed with the intention to bring your inner-self to your awareness and help you fulfil what you were created to be.

May this beautiful piece created with Love, remind you of the Divine beauty that dwells within you.

May it inspire you to let that spark of God that is so unique to you, shine for everyone to see and be blessed by its splendour.

Size: 5.5 cm wide/6cm long

Price: $300

The Oracle

$ 300.00