Oracle of Sassafras



  The coin of endless abundance.

Size: 3.5 cm

   Thank you for joining our Prayer circle for endless blessings.

   Together let’s make the world a better place.

   The coin is a way of connecting yourself spiritually to our prayer circle and a reminder that you are part of it.

    All you need to do is to keep your coin with you at all times and once a day or whenever you feel the impulse,

    flip it in your hand.

    If the cup is facing up, it means that all our prayers of endless blessings come to you and those you love.

    If it is the case, just give thanks and express your gratitude in whichever way you choose.

    If the Oracle Emblem is facing up, it means that it is your turn to offer the prayer of endless blessings for those

    who need it. Here is what you say:

    “ May all the blessings from the cup of endless abundance flow to those who need it most.”

   The Oracle.


$ 4.50